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Article: How to TNR or Foster a Cat!

How to TNR or Foster a Cat!

Fostering and TNR work is super vital for keeping cat populations healthy and safe all across the world. We're sure many of you are familiar with both of these, but for those who'd like to know more, here's some info:

TNR, according to, is "Trap-Neuter-Return, or TNR, [which] involves fixing, vaccinating and ear tipping the feral and stray cats in a colony, then returning them to their territory."

Fostering works just like how it sounds: cats are raised temporarily by caretakers who will transfer them to adopted forever homes when they're ready.

Want to Foster or do TNR but don't know how to get started? Get some inspo from our cat community & start helping kitties!

"Find someone reputable to learn from and encourage your friends and family to join/help."

The cat community reaches far & wide - inspiration and guidance aren't hard to find, especially with the abundance of resources on line. Having a fellow cat lover walk you through the ins and outs of fostering & TNR is a great way to get encouragement when just starting out. They can provide you with tips & tricks you might not have considered along the way! Gather support from friends and family when you embark on this new adventure; whether it's a ride to your local shelter from a friend or donated cat food, every little bit of support is helpful. 

"Be patient with TNR work. Have TV apps on your phone for all the waiting!"

Cat shelters & rescues are busy meeting the varying needs of cats in your community, so bringing something along when you do TNR is probably a good idea. Strike up conversation with the other people waiting, catch up on your favorite new show, or browse our site for the cutest & safest cat travel cat gear you'll find out there if you've got a fur baby of your own. 

"Don't trap without a plan!"

Do you know where the closest rescue is? Do you have the right crate/carrier to take the cat there? Make sure your car is stocked with old towels, cat food/treats, and the right equipment to transport your furiend to the shelter & back.


"The Boop Coop" is a great crate for transporting kitties to and from a shelter!  


"Share pictures of the cats you help!"

Everyone loves a sweet rescue pic, and nothing is more motivating to fellow foster/TNR people than seeing good work in action. Share your adventures with fostering/TNR online & get support from your social media community! And us, of course 😽















Don't want to foster or do TNR but still want to help out? Search for local cat shelters in your area & give them a call!

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