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The Feline Fun House - Portable Cat Play Tent

Sale price$140.00
The Feline Fun House - Portable Cat Play Tent
The Feline Fun House - Portable Cat Play Tent Sale price$140.00

Why it Rocks

The purrfect play tent to keep your cat safe and easily contained in a new environment or at home!

Fill this roomy play pen with your cat’s favorite toys, bed and blanket, and give your kitty a cozy place to lounge whether you’re hanging at home, on a picnic outside, or visiting an unfamiliar place.

Made with scratch-resistant mesh paneling, this sturdy tent is also portable and lightweight, making it easy to break down, reassemble, and take on the go. It even comes with pegs, so you can secure it in place outdoors! 

This play tent is a great option for cat foster parents, giving your kitties a safe place to play together, or separate when bringing a new kitty into the mix.

It’s also a great tool for introducing your pets to each other. If you already have a cat or dog, use “The Feline Fun House” to help your pets spend time around one another with a little distance in between before fully letting them interact.


  • Scratch-resistant mesh paneling for optimal air flow.
  • Tent pegs to secure in place when using outdoors.
  • 8 panels with an attachable zipper bottom.
  • Mesh top can zip on or off.
  • Side pockets for conveniently storing personal items.
  • Easy to wipe clean.
  • Breaks down and stores with ease.


16in (40.5cm) Height x 29in (73.7cm) Diagonal Diameter
Oxford Cotton w/ Strong Mesh

Instruction Guide

Customer Reviews

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Happy Cats in the Sun!

I purchased this a few months ago, and while there have been only a handful of sunny/warm days to use it, so far I love it I have two cats that are one year old - Mac (tabby) and Tali (calico). I first set it up in the house for a few days and they played in it and jumped around. I've had two cats with toys and beds, and just one cat rolling around. It's a good size for two cats or for kittens. They like hanging out in it and I am excited to see how they do in the backyard (I have just been setting it up on my back porch). It has loops and ties for holding it down on grass or sand, but I wish there was something that tethered their leashes to the tent itself! I think this might be useful in the car or when traveling with the cats as well, and I look forward to trying it out. It has become a staple in our outdoor exploration (along with the harnesses and backpacks).