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Travel Cat Training: Backpack Bootcamp & Mentoring Virtual Event

Sunday, September 26th
1pm - 2:30pm ET
10am - 11:30 am PT
7pm - 8:30pm UTC

Learn how to get your cat to love their backpack so you can explore together!

Our virtual event will once again feature Travel Cat Community Expert Co-Hosts who will facilitate conversations between attendees about cat backpack and harness training, and the joys of being a cat guardian.


It's first come first serve, so make sure to sign up and get your free spot!

Travel Cat Virtual Event Host:

Emerson of @copious_cats, will lead the main portion of our event and dive into all things backpack training. She will answer questions like: 

Why should you backpack train? 

How do you pick the right backpack? 

How do you train your cat to use the backpack and enjoy it?

Get all your cat backpack and travel questions answered!


Other cat travel experts co-hosting the event:

These co-hosts will facilitate discussion, answer questions, and share their experience with cat backpack training in our breakout sessions:

Lucy from @rasputinketpower

 Bowie the Siberian


Ryanne & Kayls from @newttheadventurecat

Holly from @travelcatmom

Jenny from

This isn't another giant webinar! 

As an attendee, you can also share tips and stories and be on camera (if you choose!) as well as learn from our expert Travel Cat Community Co-Hosts.

Since this is more of a hangout vibe, there are very limited spaces available.



"This was an amazing event! So great to meet like-minded people who are just as in love with their cat as I am."


"The experience, especially as a new kitten owner, was fabulous as my goal is to have a travel partner and fishing buddy. I like hearing the tips and tricks mostly for training but just hanging out with fellow travel cat people was the best part!"


"I really enjoyed hearing from people who had experience. It gave me the desire and the confidence to persevere with getting my cats comfortable with the leash and harness. It was great to be in a group with other cat parents because they brought up questions that I didn't even know I had."


"Such a fun experience getting to meet and gain insight from other cat parents. Just discussing with others brings such great ideas up and is so helpful! So much fun, cannot wait to attend another event!"


Photo from our first ever virtual event!