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Article: Cat Tracker GPS VS Airtag & Tile

Cat Tracker GPS VS Airtag & Tile

When it comes to taking your kitty on adventures, you can’t be too careful. Whether it’s a stroll down the block or a campout in the woods, you need a reliable way to find your fur baby if they stray too far away. Here’s what you need to know about keeping track of your cat—both at home and in the wild.

Why should I track my cat?  

  • Find out where they go

Does your kitty like to wander? With a good tracker, you can see their location in real time—whether they’re roaming your backyard, making new friends with the cat next door, or sleeping on somebody else’s back porch.

  • Don’t lose your fur baby

Lost cats are a common problem. With a far-reaching tracker, you won’t have to worry about losing your kitty, because at any given time, you can see their location and track them down—whether they’re hiding in the broom closet or roaming the campground.

  • Check in when you’re gone

When you’re out of town (or just at work) certain trackers let you check in on your kitty so you can see where they are and if they’re OK. 


Which Cat Tracker is the Best? 

  • Use a Microchip or ID Tag

A microchip and/or ID are must-haves for your kitty. These help people bring your kitty home if he or she gets lost. 

But while we definitely recommend using a microchip and ID tag, these won’t help you find your kitty. You’ll simply have to wait until someone else finds her and brings her home to you. If your kitty gets into danger, or if she runs away when a concerned neighbor tries to catch her, an ID/microchip won’t be much help. 


  • GPS Tracker

Many GPS trackers, such as Tractive’s cat tracker, are actually designed to track your cat, which means they work over a wide range, and use a variety of technologies to help you locate your kitty at any time, anywhere.

Tractive trackers specifically use LTE and have a SIM card (like your cell phone),  so wherever there is cellphone coverage, you will be able to locate your cat. Pretty amazing. Not to mention, this tracker has the ability to create virtual fences so you know if your kitty has ventured beyond your comfort zone. Tractive cat trackers are 100% waterproof, lightweight, and have a battery life that lasts multiple days to ensure your kitty is home safe as quickly as pawsible. 

  • AirTag 

An AirTag is a small tracking device created by Apple to help you find things like your keys or wallet. AirTags work by sending out a Bluetooth signal that your Apple device then picks up (if it’s within range). By logging into the Find My app, you can see the approximate location of your AirTag.

Some pet owners attach an AirTag to their dog or cat’s collar, then open the app when they need to find their fur baby. You can even have your AirTag make a sound to help you locate it.

Again, an AirTag is much better than nothing. But it does have a few weaknesses. For one thing, if your cat is out of range, your app won’t be able to pick up their location. This is probably why Apple doesn’t recommend using AirTag to track pets. 

  • Tile 

Tile is basically the Google version of AirTag, designed for use with Android and Google devices, rather than with Apple.

Other than that, Tile is pretty similar to AirTag. While it can work great for locating your kitty within your home, it won’t work once your cat goes out of range. Like AirTag, Tile was made for tracking objects like keys and wallets, not little tigers who have a mind of their own and like to be on the move. 


Let’s take a closer look at why a GPS tracker is the safest, smartest option for tracking your fur baby.

What is the best GPS tracker for my cat?

Here are some of the reasons why Tractive’s GPS tracker just makes more sense for your kitty:

  • Compatibility with iOS and Android devices
  • LIVE Mode sends you real-time location updates every 2-3 seconds
  • Unlimited range lets you track your kitty from anywhere in the world
  • Virtual Fence lets you set a safe zone and get alerted if your kitty leaves it
  • Location History tells you where your cat has been in the last 365 days
  • Find Mode pinpoints your kitty’s location at close range
  • Family Sharing lets your friends and family keep track of your kitty as well
  • Wellness Monitoring gives you info on your cat’s activity, sleep patterns, and health
  • Power Saving Zones help you save battery in places where your kitty often hangs out

When to use a GPS tracker

A GPS tracker may not make much sense for indoor cats who don’t often venture outside, but if you’re the proud pawrent of an adventure cat, a GPS tracker is essential. Here are a few scenarios in which you may want to use a Tractive cat tracker:

  • Taking your kitty on a hiking or backpacking trip

  • Taking your kitty camping

  • Letting your kitty wander the neighborhood

  • Taking them to a park or outdoor gathering

  • Taking them on a nature walk where they might be off-leash

How to I attach my cat's tracking device? 

To make tracking your kitty easier, Travel Cat created a brand-new harness designed to securely hold Tractive’s GPS cat tracker called "The Pathfinder" Cat Harness with GPS Tracker Pocket - the first harness of it's kind, designed to carry a tracker more comfortably on your cat's back in a clear pocket instead of hanging from their neck. 

Cat Tracking Harness

"The Pathfinder" Cat Harness with Tracker Pocket & Tractive Cat Tracker Bundle

Check out the incredible features this one-of-a-kind harness offers for any cat eager to explore! 


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