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Article: Travel Cat Tuesday: Andie & Wilfie - the Kitties Behind Travel Cat

Travel Cat Tuesday: Andie & Wilfie - the Kitties Behind Travel Cat

On Oct. 6th, we celebrate the 4th anniversary of Travel Cat by Your Cat Backpack, so we thought we'd take a sneak peek into the lives of the kitties behind the company this Travel Cat Tuesday - and their cat parents of course! 

Meet Travel Cat husband & wife co founders, Emily & Ian, who started Travel Cat by Your Cat Backpack back in 2017 after they rescued Andie as a kitten.They weren't planning on getting a pet, but made the decision to rescue Andie and haven't looked back.

Andie was the first pet they ever had together, and they became "cat people" pretty much overnight. Wilfie joined this happy cat fam shortly after, and the cat obsession only got stronger. But they noticed a serious lack of products and companies geared exclusively towards cats, and wanted to change that: 

"We are on a mission to help people realize that cats aren't "easy" because they sleep all day. Cats need enrichment and playtime to live happy and healthy lives. Going safely beyond the great indoors with our Travel Cat gear is one way to do that. From backyard exploring to hiking in national parks and everything in between, we're here to support your journey."

Check out some photos from behind the scenes at Travel Cat, and join our community over on Instagram, at @yourcatbackpack. Check out these floofs & the joy that they bring to the daily life of Travel Cat! 

Cat mom Emily & Wilfie in for a closeup! 

Baby Andie... have you ever seen anything more precious?! 😻

These kitties take quality assurance seriously ✔️

"This one's good to go, meowmy!"

These cool cats love hanging out on the balcony in Queens NYC, where the company is based & ships from! 🗽

"Helping" dad out in the office 💻

Exploring the front yard, all senses engaged 🐾

You mean this isn't my new cat bed? 💤

Wilfie getting cozy on "Cats in the Kitchen" Indie Artist Designed puzzle from our sister site, Cat Culture. 

"Ohhhh these are the new cat beds!" 

Wilfie & Andie taking a cat nap in "The Meowbile Home" Convertible Cat Bed.

Any day that ends in snuggles is a good day 💕 

We hope you enjoyed this peek into the daily life behind Travel Cat! 

Emily & Ian are dedicated to nurturing the relationships humans have with their cats, and to be a part of so many cat families around the globe! Join our catstomer community over on Instagram for the cutest cat content you'll ever see, along with some serious adventure inspo. 

Top recs from Andie & Wilfie:

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