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Article: Places to Take Your Cat for a Fun Day Out

Places to Take Your Cat for a Fun Day Out

Take the opportunity this weekend to get out and spend quality time with your kitty! The sun is shining & life feels as if it's finally starting to get back to normal after a couple years (?!) of being more cooped up than usual.

Here's a little push if you need it, to turn a new leaf this new year, get out & explore the world again with your best furriend by your side and have some fun together trying new things! Feel the sun on your face, dress warmly, grab coffee, and walk your favorite block or hiking trail with your kitty along for the ride. Watch out world, us crazy cat people are getting outside again.

There are plenty of ways to spend quality time with your kitty out of the house that are safe, cat-friendly, and provide the enrichment your kitty thrives off of:

Indoor Places to Take Your Cat

  • Shopping With Your Cat

Spending time with your kitty doesn't have to be a grand adventure all the time - you can turn everyday outings into a fun way to spend time with your cat! Take them to the store with you while you browse at the mall, run errands around town & check things off your list while spending quality together. It sure beats leaving them at home when you've got a laundry list of things to get done around town!

  • Pet Convention Centers

Pet conventions are a great way to spend the day out of the house with your kitty, meeting new people & exploring all of the pawesome brands & small businesses that support pet parents like you. Find the newest, coolest, pet toys & gadgets, & maybe get the chance to treat your cat to some free samples. Not sure where the nearest pet convention is? Just google "pet fair/event near me"!

  • Overnight Stay With Your Cat at a Pet Hotel

Turn a business trip or weekend away into a fun experience for your cat, too. Check out our list of the 7 most cat-friendly hotels, where you and your kitty will feel at home. Many cat-friendly hotels have amenities to make your stay more comfortable. Just make sure to bring things like a portable cat bed & portable litter box to keep your cat cozy, & room mess free. 

  • Restaurant/Cafe Outing With Your Cat

Coffee? Check. Cats? Check. Adorable atmosphere & more cat-loving people? Check and check. Cat cafes are one of the cutest things you could ever experience. Grab a latte with a fellow cat parent to double the fun! Even if your fav restaurant or cafe isn't deemed a "cat cafe", there are many cafes & restaurants that are pet-friendly, so you won't need to leave your furry friend behind on that lunch date or happy hour.  

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  • Take Your Cat to a Pet Shop for Some Toy Shopping

In the mood to spoil your cat? Always. Taking your kitty to your local pet store can be such a fun experience. Being around pet-loving people and scoping out your kitty's new favorite toy can be such a fun way to get out together. Pick up some extra cat food & treats while you're at it.

  • Vet’s Clinic

While your cat might not enjoy going to the vet, it is a necessary step in giving them a long and happy life. One of the most important places you could take your cat is the vet. Stay up to date on all of their vaccinations and wellness checks by making sure your cat visits the vet 1-2 times per year. This can help stay on top of any health issues or reveal things that may be an underlying problem. And what better way to transport them to the vet than in a cat backpack?

Outdoor Places To Take your Cat

  • Leash Walking at a Park

If it wasn't obvious already, we're all about taking your cat outside. Getting some fresh air and spending time in nature together is one of the best ways to connect & get in some truly refreshing quality time with your cat. Leash walking at the park is a great option for getting in exercise, and maybe you'll just meet another cat on a leash while you're taking a lap around the park! Always attach your cat's leash to their harness and never a collar, as this poses as a choking hazard.


  • Hiking With Your Cat

Hiking is another fun way to spend time exploring nature together. Most kitties have natural wild instincts (not all cats do, and that's ok too!), and like to be outside climbing on trees, running through leaves & over logs, and taking in all the sights and smells of their environment. Mixing it up and taking them on hikes is a great way to keep their senses active & give them an enriching outdoor experience. Cat backpacks & cat harnesses are the perfect kind of gear to use while hiking. If your cat would rather join along but not walk far distances, using a cat backpack is the way to go. If your cat is an experienced walker and enjoys exploring things on their own, try our harness & leash bundle!

  • Camping with your Cat 

If you like sleeping under the stars, odds are having your cat there would make it even more magical. Take your cat along on your next camping venture & embrace the true feeling of freedom together. If you've never been camping with your cat before, start out by visiting a camp site that allows pets & is nearby to civilization in case of an emergency. Remember to pack your cat travel supplies, plenty of food & water, and treats of course! 

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  • Take your kitty for a Road Trip 

Going on a road trip, whether for fun or necessity, is always better with your kitty in tow. While it may seem like a big commitment to spend a few days on the road with your cat, people do it all the time & it can be such a rewarding experience! Especially if you're road tripping to move, having your cat along for emotional support is a must. Get ahead of the game & pack the essentials you need to prepare for your journey, and plan in plenty of pitstops along the way so your kitty can get out to walk and use the bathroom in their portable litter box

  • Beach Day With your Cat 

Nothing beats a day on the beach, catching rays & listening to the ocean waves with your best furriend. Whether you walk along the shoreline with the sand in your toes (and paws), or your cat prefers to observe from their cat backpack, taking your kitty along for a beach day makes the experience that much more enjoyable. Just make sure if you do walk, your cat has a harness and has been leash & harness trained, in case they decide to venture into the water. 

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1. Can you bring your cat to a park?

Absolutely! Most parks will have a leash law, but regardless it is always a good idea to keep your cat in their harness, attached to their leash. Parks are a great place to visit with your cat to get a change of scenery, take a walk, or have a picnic together.

2. Is it cruel to keep a cat indoors?

Not at all - some kitties prefer the comfort of their home, and that's a-ok! We find that most kitties thrive in an environment where both the indoors & outdoors are part of their normal routine. While there are plenty of ways to keep a cat entertained & happy indoors, enrichment that comes from being outside exploring is unmatched!

3. Are cat backpacks cruel?

Definitely not. Cat backpacks give your cat a safe, familiar place to call home when you're out and about. Of course, it's important to warm your cat up to using a backpack and make sure they are comfortable! See more about why we LOVE cat backpacks in this article.

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