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Article: The 4 Best Cat Bubble Backpacks for 2022

The 4 Best Cat Bubble Backpacks for 2022

Cat bubble backpacks are THE backpack that everyone thinks of of when they think "cat backpack". These trendy, super functional backpacks are the perfect choice for cat parents looking to take their kitties on life's greatest adventures - whether that looks like hiking at a National State Park, flying internationally, or going to a routine vet trip. Take your cat with you & be handsfree - it really is the best of both worlds. 

If you're in the market for a cat carrier, cat backpacks with a space capsule design are truly a great choice. Cats like knowing what's going on, and the semi-sphere window design lets them do just that. Your fur baby can poke their curious little heads out into the bubble to take in the world around them, from the safety of their backpack. Plus, your cat will look like a mini astronaut and nothing is cuter than that. 

1. The Best Cat Bubble Backpack for Larger Cats: "The Fat Cat" Backpack for Larger Cats

2.The Best Cat Bubble Backpack for Flying with Your Cat: "The Jackson Galaxy" Convertible Backpack

3. The Best Cat Bubble Backpack for Traveling with Your Cat: "The Original" Cat Bubble Backpack 

4. The Best Cat Bubble Backpack for Walking with Your Cat: The City Chic Cat Backpack

1. The Best Cat Bubble Backpack for Larger Cats: "The Fat Cat" Backpack for Larger Cats

This backpack was designed for exactly what it sounds like - those bigger boned kitties who need a little extra space to get nice & cozy. The Fat Cat can hold up to 25 lbs of floof... that's right. Twenty five POUNDS. Which means you can carry a really big cat, two medium sized cats, or even a few kittens. No kitty gets left behind! 

This backpack offers padded shoulder straps that are adjustable, along with adjustable chest straps to make sure every hooman is comfy while carrying their fluffy friends. There are side pockets on both sides to store your belongings, water, & extra cat nip of course. This backpack is made of high-quality materials that come in a variety of colors, with strong & breathable mesh for maximum ventilation - no cat has broken through yet! Along with ventilation holes in the bubble itself, there are more holes along the bottom of the backpack to ensure your kitty can breath happily & relax even on hotter days. This backpack is perfect for cat-venturers of all sizes, and happily fits larger breeds like Maine Coons, Persian Cats, and Ragdolls! 

The Fat Cat Backpack Carrier


2.The Best Cat Bubble Backpack for Flying with Your Cat: "The Jackson Galaxy" Convertible Backpack

Looking to fly with your cat? This bubble backpack has all the perks. Along with being a backpack that can carry up to 25 lbs. like "The Fat Cat", it can also turn on its side & be carried like a traditional carrier, with a removable mat that unfolds to fit the length of the backpack horizontally. You can also remove the bubble window, and use the screen attachment to easily slide under the seat in front of you and give your kitty a cozy place to curl up & safely sleep during the flight. 

This cat backpack carrier has ample ventilation, with holes in the bubble and along the bottom of the backpack, as well as strong mesh panels to give your kitty lots of fresh air while traveling. There is a clip inside the backpack to attach your kitty's leash and harness to, so no fear of them jumping out & running away as you're trying to catch your flight! With adjustable shoulder straps & chest straps, you can use it as a traditional backpack if your hands are full of other suitcases (or allll the coffee) at the airport. It even has side pockets on both sides to store belongings that you want to have on the ready. 

This backpack is the obvious choice for anyone traveling by plane! Most of our backpacks are airline approved, but always check to make sure your airline requirements will allow for it before booking. Learn more about taking your cat on a plane here

The Jackson Galaxy Cat Bubble Backpack Carrier

3. The Best Cat Bubble Backpack for Traveling with Your Cat: "The Original" Cat Bubble Backpack 

Called "The Original" for a reason, this is the classic bubble backpack design. This hardshell backpack is made of high-density acrylic material, and has both a plastic bubble & flat screen attachment to switch depending on what you & kitty are up to. Like all of our backpacks, there is a clip & bungee that attach to your cat's harness, giving them some freedom to "hang out" without jumping out & taking off. 

There is ample ventilation, as both the bubble and backpack have ventilation holes so your kitty can breathe happily & be comfortable wherever you go. It  also comes with adjustable straps, to make sure that you're feeling comfy too! There is a spacious side pocket for holding whatever adventure calls for, along with a plush mat that is removable & easy to clean. Because of the hard shell, this backpack works great for strapping in with a seatbelt to take your cat on the road.

The Original Cat Backpack Carrier

4. The Best Cat Bubble Backpack for Walking with Your Cat: The City Chic Cat Backpack

Whether you're a cool cat in the city or enjoy taking walks around your neighborhood, this is the cat backpack that every kitty needs. Astronaut meets chic with this unique, faux leather design. This backpack is made of a sturdy material, in two different fun colors. It has air holes on the top & the bottom for proper ventilation, along with air holes in the bubble window attachment. Your cat will love sight-seeing from their bubble window, but there is also a screen attachment for you to switch out whenever you feel like it! 

The backpack has multiple points of entry through the two zipper options. Unzip the sides to give your kitty a bigger entrance/exit if needed, or you can keep the body of the backpack closed & unzip just the top to let them get in and out at their leisure. There is a clip & bungee attachment for their harness - just like every other backpack we have! It comes with comfortable, adjustable shoulder straps, to make it pawsible for you to walk blocks on the city concrete, or loops around the trail, with kitty in tow. Own the outdoors & use this super chic backpack for everyday walking adventures & beyond! 


What to look for in a clear cat backpack: 

1. Bubble windows, of course!

Kitties love to know what is going on around them and need to be aware of their environment in order to feel comfortable. Giving them a bubble window to safely observe their surroundings will make traveling more fun for them, and you... because cute astronaut kitties, right?! All of our bubble backpacks come with an attachable screen window as well, so you can switch out depending on whatever mood your fur baby is in! 

2. Adjustable straps 

While this might not seem like a top priority, it is key to making sure you can get the most out of your cat backpack. No one wants to start an adventure & have to give up half way through due to an uncomfortable carrier! All of our backpacks have adjustable straps, making sure that your backpack fits YOU the right way, so both hooman & kitty are happy campers.

3. Padded shoulder straps 

Along the same lines, comfortable and adjustable straps are important! Your comfort decides whether or not your kitty feels comfortable too - except for when they commandeer - ahem... sleep in - your bed. 

4. Breathable mesh panels

Your backpack should have strong & scratch-proof mesh, to make sure your cat doesn't escape or wear out the backpack too much. Make sure your kitty stays safe & secure without the possibility of scratching through the mesh screens if your backpack has them. All of our backpacks' mesh panels are totally scratch proof - no kitty has broken through yet!

5. Plenty of ventilation

This is one of the most important factors when considering a backpack. You want your cat to have continual air circulation, so that it is easy for them to regulate their body temperature & be comfortable. Look for a backpack with maximum airflow, which will have features like strong mesh windows and plenty of air holes. 

6. Weight capacity

How much floof do you need to carry? Thisis also something you want to double check when finding the purrfect backpack for your cat. Do you have a kitty who is on the heavier side? Multiple kittens that are inseparable? Look for a backpack that can hold them comfortably and that will give you enough support to carry them for a little while. Our backpacks have a wide range of weight limits, fitting everything from 11-25 lbs. of cuteness!

7. High quality materials 

Good quality is something every cat parent should seek out when looking for a backpack that will last a long time. Nothing is more disappointing than investing in quality time with your kitty and not get the most out of it! All our backpacks are made with the highest-quality materials, ranging from oxford cotton to high-density acrylic material. These backpacks were made to last, & will keep you and your cat happy while adventuring together

8. Major airline approval

If you fly frequently, making sure your backpack will make the cut is a very important step. Airlines have different restrictions when it comes to cat carriers, and while most of ours are airline approved, double check before booking tickets just to be safe!

Are bubble backpacks safe for cats?

Absolutely! Bubble backpacks are one of the safest cat carriers out there. Your kitty feels most comfortable when they can see what is going on in their surrounding environment. If they feel comfortable, they are less likely to try & escape. Backpacks also give your cat the opportunity to stretch out, sit up, or lie down... which traditional carriers can't do. Dark & cramped carriers are no fun compared to being carried in a backpack that lets you see the world around you! Our bubble backpacks are all made of the highest-quality materials, with breathable mesh panels and air holes for ventilation. Bubble backpacks make a safe and cozy spot to call home while out & about. 

Do cats like bubble backpacks?

Not all kitties like to be carried in backpacks, and that is totally okay! That being said, it does take time, patience, and lots of kisses to help some kitties fall in love with their backpack. So if your cat doesn't take to it right away, don't give up. If you think your cat would like it but is just taking some time getting used to their new space, check out our article with tips for helping your cat get used to and LOVE their new bubble backpack. 

What is the best cat bubble backpack?

The best cat bubble backpack is "The Fat Cat" Backpack for Larger Cats.  Our best-seller for a reason, this bubble backpack is perfect for any kind of adventure - whether you like to take your kitty on long hikes, bike rides around town, on every-day errands, or you're an international travel junkie, this backpack is the one for you and your kitty. It's spacious and comfortable for you & your cat, and makes the perfect space for your kitty to relax & feel at home while you're out and about. 

The Fat Cat Backpack Carrier




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