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2-Pack Mystery Backpack Donation for Fosters, Rescue Orgs, and TNR Groups

A safe, durable, and comfortable cat carrier for everything from trips to the vet to hikes in the park.

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We're clearing out the Travel Cat warehouse! We have cat backpacks that are 100% usable, but are also used, or have slight defects, dents, etc. 

These donated 2 cat backpack packs are 100% free, including free shipping. 

We don't want these to go to waste, but we can't sell them. So we've decided to give out packs of 2 of these cat backpacks to folks who do work to help save kitty lives in their local communities. You can use them for your own kitties or to help with your rescue work - totally up to you.

Limit 3 packs per group / order.  


Folks Eligible:

- Fosters

- TNR groups

- Rescue Groups

- Must be based on the 48 contiguous United States


Please, one set per org / group or person.

These items cannot be returned. Style of backpack you'll get will be at random, as we can't handle requests. First come, first-served.


Looking for more ways to get support for the work you do to save kitty lives? Check out our Annual Forever Home Heroes Campaign, where we donate $5,000 to grassroots orgs and people who help the cats in their local communities. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Justin Borton
Amazing travel cat bags!

These are amazing, I’m so happy I purchased. I laid them on the floor to let my cats get comfortable in them. Will be testing them out this weekend on a hike.


Great quality, my cats love it .arrived on time material are high quality easy to clean ans very comfortable to carry


Really nice arrived on time

Mary DeGraw
Transpurrter Win!

Finally found a carrier that didn’t stress out my foster cat! (First time he traveled and didn’t pee or poop in the carrier! Wow!

We are so thankful!

Thank you so much for having this!!! I got them for my rescues and absolutely ADORE them, they look absolutely brand new!! THANK YOU AGAIN!