"The Groovy Cat" Tie Dye Limited Edition Harness & Leash Set



Let your cat's inner hippy shine with this unique, limited-edition tie dye harness. The psychedelic pattern brings all the outdoorsy vibes to wherever your adventure takes you - whether that's for a soul-searching hike, or a skip around the block. It also features gold hardware for your super trendy kitty.


Just like all our other harnesses, this harness has a reflective strip, and all of our cat backpacks have a clip that you can attach a to the leash. This one's just a little cooler. 


Size & Measurement Guidance


  • X-SMALL (FOR KITTENS): 9.5-11.8 in | 24-30 cm
  • SMALL: 13-15.5 in | 33-39.5 cm
  • MEDIUM: 15-17.3 in | 38-44 cm
  • LARGE: 16-19 in | 41-48 cm

Measurement is done around your cat's chest. You want your cat's harness to be snug and fitted so they can't get out of it. When you take the measurement, make sure you're getting close and tight up against your cat -- down past all the floof!


If you're between sizes, go for the bigger size if your cat is still growing, or the smaller size if they are not.

For our in-depth sizing guide, click here.



Leash Size: Length: 3.9 ft / 120 cm | Width .59 in / 1.5 cm

Material: Nylon Mesh


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

My Devon Rex, Roxie, LOVES her comfy tie dye harness!

Raymond Bjorkman
Sparta Looks very groovy

Here he is frozen on the floor. He needs to get use to this. We've taken small steps outside.
Any suggestions on getting him to walk with you??

Erika De Torres

We LOVE this harness!

First, I'll talk about the harness features. We absolutely love how it's got velcro and clip buckle to ensure your cats are super secure. We ordered a size small for Kimchi and it fits quite snug (we followed the sizing guide). The harness features are great because it definitely feels really secure and safe, so Kimchi never seems like she'll slither out of it. It's also pretty easy to put on, and best yet - you don't have to put it over their heads! The leash is also included. It's a little bit shorter but I actually like it so that they're always close to you and can walk beside you. It feels high quality as well!

The design is great. It's fun and looks great on all cats (especially from all of the pictures I'm seeing from everyone's posts). On an orange cat, it looks super stylish and fashionable! We really enjoy the additional reflective strip.

- Make sure to measure and follow the sizing guide.
- For first-time cat adventurers: take your time and be patient. Expose them to it a little bit at a time.
- Putting it on: it's a lot easier when your kitty goes "loaf mode" - you can then lift up their paws to go into the holes. Alternatively, if you're two people, having one person with the harness and the other person with the cat, lift the cat up slightly to put their paws in.

Rianna Lane
So cute!

The Groovy Harness is such a great print! It’s so bright and fun and looks so cute on my kitties! It fits them comfortably and they’ve been wearing it around the house and we get accustomed to harness wearing so we can work on our skills towards becoming outdoor walking adventure cats! We love this harness! It’s made so well and just so adorable. Heads up, they do run large so double check your measurements before you order but they’re super cute and you and your kitty will be happy with this purchase!

Kaitlyn and Wiz

This harness is so cute and a fun switch up from the black harness my boy usually wears. The velcrow and clip make me confident he won't get loose and the blue compliments his grey-blue fur so well. I love it!

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