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Article: Tips from Cat Parents Who Have Taken These Adorable Kitty Siblings to 15+ National Parks

Tips from Cat Parents Who Have Taken These Adorable Kitty Siblings to 15+ National Parks

We're excited to share tips with you from the cat parents of the dynamic feline duo, Birch and Luna. Birch and Luna are - let's just say - some pretty experienced travelers. From poking around their backyard to gallivanting around 15+ National Parks, these kitties are living the dream!

Their knack for exploring (and looking absolutely adorable while doing it) makes anyone a little jealous, not to mention provides some pretty sick photo ops for this fantastic pair.

Let's get some insight into their National Parks road trip to see just how these cat parents make cat travel pawsible! 

1) What would you say to people who don't think it's possible or a good idea to travel or explore the outdoors with your cat? 

These fur babies still have their wonderful wild instincts and they are wired to hunt and sprint and play! They need space to use those instincts—it helps them stay regulated so they don’t get too “mad” or too “sad”. Yes, I’m that cat mom. I assign emotional meaning to my cats’ behaviors I do believe it’s important to account for differences in temperament, because each kitty is bound to have their quirks and preferences. But in our experience, time, consistency, patience, positive associations in the training process, and…some more time…will help you find a rhythm of adventure that fits for you and your kitties!

2) How many parks did you take Birch and Luna to? 

We took them “near” about 18 national parks. We were careful to choose hikes outside of national park boundaries, unless it was a national forest that allowed leashed pets. Many national parks do not allow leashed pets on trails, but some allow leashed pets to be out in certain parking lots/viewpoints etc. We wanted to be respectful of that! We learned along the way that national forests, national monuments, and state parks usually have more flexible rules!

3) How would you describe the path of your road trip with the cats? And what were the coolest places you went on your travels?

In February of 2019, instead of putting down roots and a deposit on a home in Seattle, my husband and I both quit our jobs and left on an extended road trip…WITH our two ragdoll cats! From Seattle, we headed down the Pacific Coast, where sweet Luna managed to roll the window down along the 101 every time that we forgot to turn the safety lock on (see video below)! After our coastal adventures and an amazing stay at Birch and Luna’s favorite cat friendly hotel,The Marker (San Francisco), we moved inland towards the magic of the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts. But, it was the Chihuahuan Desert that won the fur babies’ hearts. Birch and Luna’s favorite hike of the trip was in White Sands National Monument, New Mexico—home of the world’s largest gypsum dune field. It was their first hike in sand dunes, and they could NOT get enough of it! We enjoyed visiting all the red rock parks in AZ and UT, where Birch and Luna found their second-favorite hike at Coral Pink Sand Dunes. We headed up to the Rockies in CO and WY for some snow hikes before making our way back home to Seattle after four weeks on the road! Birch and Luna grew a huge appetite for change and adventure on our trip, and they demand regular walks now that we’re home! So we frequent beautiful walking trails in the old growth forest and beachfront at Lincoln Park, just a few minutes from our apartment. 

Here are some adorable photos and videos of their adventures:

Hanging out, catching the breeze!

Prancing in the woods 🐈

White sands national park 🐾

Scoping out the nearest scratching post 👀

Gazing out into nature in their "The Groovy Cat" Harnesses  ☮️

Checking out the Trustland Trails 🌲


A happy little kitty who looks like they might just jump in! 🌊

Lots to do at the air bnb!

Hotel Marker in San Fran, 10/10 would recommend.

Chilling out in between hikes 😸

Coral pink sands state park is just magical. 

These kitties walk across all kinds of terrain ❄️ 

Holding on for dear life at Lincoln Park 😹

These two are just the best travel buddies any fur baby could have! What an amazing trip 😻

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