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Article: Travel Cat Tuesday: Harry Paw-ter Obsessed Kitties from Canada

Travel Cat Tuesday: Harry Paw-ter Obsessed Kitties from Canada

Welcome to Travel Cat Tuesday, where we highlight members of Travel Cat Club. Not a member yet, join today for FREE and start earning points you can redeem for coupons, become VIP and get featured, and many more exclusive perks 😽 Sign up, here! 

As if it weren't obvious enough, Sirius & Draco are kitties to two Harry Potter loving cat parents from Alberta CA. Named after characters Sirius Black & Draco Malfoy from the series, these kitties live up to the daring pawsonalities of their namesakes. 

They also love to explore the great outdoors! Frequenting parks & lakes around the area in their Travel Cat gear, these kitties have traveled all over Alberta and have made some pretty sweet memories along the way. They love exploring in all kinds of weather, and you can always find them out on the trail together. This dynamic duo does not disappoint with the adventure inspo! 

Initiation into the world of Woofcraft & Purratry 🧙‍♂️ ✨

Sirius with his namesake - I can see the similarity!  

True fan status = achieved.

Draco's gotcha day pics are just the cutest 😻

Embracing the chill at Glastonbury Park ❄️ 

Taking a walk at Mill Creek Ravine  🏞

Adventure together. There's no other way!

 A little recap of their 2021 adventures 🎥

Follow along for all the adventure & Harry Pawter inspo over on their Instagram, @sirius_and_draco !


Shop their gear: 

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