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Article: Travel Cat Tuesdsay: Maverick the Van Road Trip Cat

Travel Cat Tuesdsay: Maverick the Van Road Trip Cat

Welcome to Travel Cat Tuesday, where we highlight VIP members of Travel Cat Club. Not a member yet? Join today for FREE and start earning points you can redeem for coupons, become VIP and get featured, and many more exclusive perks 😽 Sign up, here!

This week, meet Maverick the tuxedo cat from @mavericktux. Maverick was adopted by his adventurous meowmy, Barb, a few years ago, and they have enjoyed exploring the PNW together in their van ever since. Whether they are taking a road trip, exploring a state park or on a camping trip, they lead quite the adventurous lifestyle in their van! We love keeping up with their travels on Instagram, and you can also read all about them on their blog.

Exploring a few state parks in Oregon  🌲 🏕

Making a pit stop in beautiful wine country to catch the sunset🍷 🌅

An overnight trip at Neptune State Park!

You can find Maverick riding shotgun in "The Fat Cat", unless hes taking a snooze in his meomy's lap, of course! 

"Maverick just wants to be close to me, so he loves to lay on my lap while I drive. He gets in the most unusual positions and doesn't fall off. It's quite amazing. If it's a more stressful drive, I put him the backpack with the seat-belt strapped on so he's safe...Maverick likes the top open so he can freely look out if he wants to" - Barb.  

Visiting Carrizo Plain National Monument for the superbloom  🌼

"We recently went to see the super bloom with tons of yellow flowers everywhere. Maverick enjoyed the time outside exploring in the flowers." - Barb

Checking out the sights at Alabama Hills, CA 🏔

Thinking about adventuring with your kitty? Here's Barb's top tip:

"Take your time and do it one step at a time. Let your cat explore your backyard first, then take him to a park, then maybe a short car trip to bigger open space. Your cat will let you know when they want to be out on a leash or when they want to be in the security of the backpack. Reward your cat with a yummy treat to encourage them."


We love following along Maverick & Barb's adventures, and seeing all of the cool places they get to explore together. Want more kitty van-life inspo? Check out their Instagram page & blog!

Want to be featured for Travel Cat Tuesday? Join Travel Cat Club & start earning points towards becoming VIP!

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