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Article: Travel Cat Tuesday: Meet Lady & Foster Cat Extraordinaire, Emersen!

Travel Cat Tuesday: Meet Lady & Foster Cat Extraordinaire, Emersen!

🏳️‍🌈 To celebrate pride month, we're featuring members of the LGBTQIA+ community for Travel Cat Tuesday! 🏳️‍⚧️

Want a chance to be featured? Use #TravelCatLife on social media and tag our account! You can also submit pics to be featured at any time here.

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This week, we are featuring Lady of @copious_cats along with her brother Romeo, who belonge to their cat mom Emersen. Their Instagram page documents many travels, cat-ventures, and the daily ins and outs of fostering and volunteering at cat shelters in Seattle, WA. We love following this cat fam and keeping up on all their hikes, fostering experiences, and a copious amount of cuteness of course!

Emersen happily embracing the realities of being a foster cat mom aka being a human playground. 🧡

Lady Makes the Cutest Hunter 🐾

Lady and Romeo chilling in "The Câteau" Collapsible Cat Condo & Scratcher! 


Ready to Soak Up the Sun?

Lavender Ladies.

Hiking With Meowmy 🌲  

Lady and Emersen joining Travel Cat & friends at 2023 Meowfest We love meeting members of our amazing cat community 😽

Lady Loves Everything About Exploring 🪵

Lady, Soaking in the Coastal Fresh Air in "The Wind in My Whiskers" Harness & Retractable Leash Bundle 🌊

Romeo getting in a little cat nap 😻


Kitchen Guests at Emersen's! 

Emersen uses mealtime to help integrate the foster kitties into her home. There is always a stash of delicious catnip for kitty guests!

Lady is Always Prepared for an Adventure 💛 

Where Are They Off to Next?

Check out their Instagram page for all the hiking & foster care inspiration every aspiring cat fam needs. 

Get the Travel Cat gear that Lady uses on her adventures:


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