Catsbury Convention Recap & Review: Your Cat Backpack Loved It

This weekend we attended Catsbury Park Cat Convention in Asbury New Jersey. We had a great time meeting so many wonderful cat people and introducing them to our best-seller, "The Fat Cat" cat backpack in-person. It's was awesome to let people try them on and see our wonderful colors IRL (we still love you though, internet). 

Being a part of an event that raises so much money and does so much to help kittens and cats find their furever homes was super rewarding. We also loved meeting so many other awesome cat businesses and vendors, from art to toys to coffee! 

It was a joy to meet folks doing incredible work, like TNR and fostering, to support the cats in their communities and beyond. We give the BEST discount to people who do TNR, foster, or volunteer — and we gave out that discount a ton at the event!

Check out all the fun photos people took in our photo booth here:

Special shout out to folks we've followed on the Insta for a while and finally got to meet: 

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As you can guess, we spent most of our time at our booth, so we missed all the talks and workshops, but heard wonderful things. We did get to watch "The Lil Bub" show with Fred Armisen and other special guests though. It was a blast. Her dude did a great job with the show — so much hilarious improv. Well done!

Thank you to the team at Catsbury Park for putting together a wonderful event!


The girls from Joy & Treasure


Sterling, The Original Trap King


Donated "The Fat Cat" to the Catcade



Our photo booth in action!


Our catstomer and help for the event, @HerMiajesty! We recruited her off Instagram -- and she was a pleasure to work with!