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Article: Vote for Forever Home Heroes to Win $5k in Donations Plus Prizes for You!

Vote for Forever Home Heroes to Win $5k in Donations Plus Prizes for You!

Travel Cat is hosting our 3rd annual "Forever Home Heroes" program!

We will make $5,000 in donations to animal welfare organizations or individual cat-heroes, based on public voting!

Forever Home Hero Prizes:

  • First Place: $2,000 
  • Second Place: $1,000
  • Third Place (4 Winners): $500 each
  • Runners Up (3 Winners): FREE "The Fat Cat" Backpack
  • PLUS $500 dollars worth of Travel Cat gear for voters to win! 

The winners can use the donation money to continue saving more kitty lives through their work -- whether that be through stocking up on supplies, investing in new equipment, or paying vet bills.

Types of organizations you can vote for include:

- TNR Organizations
- Individuals Who Foster Cats
- Non-Profit Shelters
- Cat Cafes with Adoption Programs


We especially encourage nominations of small grassroots organizations and individuals. You can also vote for yourself or your own org, don't wait for someone to do it for you! This contest is open internationally 🌎

Voting closes Wednesday, November 10th @ 11:59pm ET

Everyone who votes is automatically entered to win over $500 worth of Travel Cat gear 🙀

Your vote counts as one entry, but get more entries here!


RSVP for the Forever Home Heroes Awards Ceremony! 

Sunday, November 14th 1-2:30pm ET

😸 Meet previous winner Nikki Martinez!
😸 Meet the winners of this year's giveaway. 
😸 $500 worth of Travel Cat gear winners announced!
😸 Plus - more prizes to win at the event!


Organizations & individuals on the ballot so far:

Vote for one of these orgs/people, or add new ones to the list:

New entries might take a few hours to be uploaded to the webpage, but your vote has been placed.

  • Kitty Angels, MA, USA 
  • Raining Cats and Dogs Sanctuary Laura Santos, FL, USA
  • Nine Lives, CANADA
  • Catfe, BC, CANADA
  • TinyKittens Society, BC, CANADA
  • NYCPetNanny, NY, USA
  • Natalie Cummings, MD, USA
  • Pet's Lifeline, CA, USA
  • Abby & Laylas Cat Rescue, NL, CANADA
  • Regal Cat Cafe, AB, CANADA
  • Bushwick Street Cats, NY, USA
  • Madison Franco, CA, USA
  • Paul the Cat Guy, NY, USA
  • Beckoning Cat Project, PA, USA
  • Cuddles Rescue and Lounge, UT, USA
  • Nikki Martinez (My Foster Kittens), NV, USA
  • Happy Paw, KYIV, UKRAINE
  • Northern Accomack Community Cats, VA, USA
  • Ashley's Kitten Academy, WA, USA
  • Weimann Laura, IN, USA
  • Asaro Judy, NJ, USA
  • Sammy's Forgotten Felines, BC, CANADA
  • Tasca's Love Cooperative, MD, USA
  • Happy Cat Cafe, MI, USA
  • Ms. Heather Swanson, ON, CANADA
  • Crystal McElroy, WA, USA
  • Haven of the Qzarks, MO, USA
  • TNR Utopia, NY, USA
  • Hart of Maine, ME, USA
  • Gifford Cat Shelter, MA, USA
  • Los Gatos Foster Animals, MI, USA
  • Kentucky Humane Society, KY, USA
  • The Cat House, NE, USA
  • Jacquelene V Lively, MN, USA
  • Fat Cat Cafe Tally, FL, USA
  • Fancy Cats and Dogs Rescue Team, VA, USA
  • Feral Cat Warriors, AZ, USA
  • Marianne Schecher, FL, USA
  • Emily Steele - Black, AZ, USA
  • Denis Garcia, CA, USA
  • Alameda Island Cat Rescue c/o Merry, CA, USA
  • NYC Pet Nanny, NY, USA
  • BARCS-Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, MD, USA 
  • Homeless Cat Management Team, PA, USA
  • Emerson (Copious Cats), WA, USA
  • Raining Cats and Dogs Sanctuary, FL, USA
  • Runaways Animal Rescue, FL, USA
  • Humane Association, IN, USA
  • Nashville Cat Rescue, TN, USA
  • Orphan Kitty Club, CA, USA
  • Ray Waldrop, AZ, USA
  • East Lake Cat & Kitten Adoption Center, TX, USA
  • Casie's Cats, CA, USA
  • Catsbury Park, NJ, USA
  • Animal Rescue League of Boston, MA, USA
  • Back Street Kittens, GA, USA
  • Asheville Cat Weirdos Emergency Fund, NC, USA
  • Dane County Humane Society, WI, USA
  • Stray Cat Outreach, SC, USA
  • Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals, CO, USA
  • The Feline Rescue Association, MD, USA
  • Valerie Arens, CA, USA
  • Colonel Meyers, FL, USA
  • Krazy Cat Rescue, AK, USA
  • The Forgotten Ferals, ON, CANADA
  • Dick Kikuyama, CA, USA
  • East Maui Animal Refuge, HI, USA
  • Fancy Cats & Dogs Rescue Team, VA, USA
  • The Rescue House, CA, USA
  • Fixnation, CA, USA
  • Heidi Systo, NY, USA
  • Katie Embry, KY, USA
  • Furkids, GA, USA
  • Puurrrfect paws Rescue, TN, USA
  • Community Cats Coalition of Boca Raton, Inc., NJ, USA
  • Jasmine Garcia, IL, USA
  • Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society, MA, USA
  • Brady Vanessa, NL, CANADA
  • Colby Kathy, NY, USA
  • Critteraid Animal Sanctuary, BC, CANADA
  • Alley Cat Project, WA, USA
  • Steel City Adventure Cats, PA, USA
  • Critteraid Animal Sanctuary, BC, CANADA
  • Stroman Nannette, PA, USA
  • Bobbi Woolwine, GA, USA
  • CatNap Hangout & Adoptions - Alfie's Kitten Rescue, CA, USA
  • Brooklyn Kitty Committee, NY, USA
  • Kiski Valley Cat & Kitten Rescue (KVCKR), PSA, USA
  • Thi Tran, VA, USA
  • Puppy Kitty NYC, NY, USA
  • Cat Welfare Association, OH, USA
  • Scituate Animal Shelter, MA, USA
  • Faithful to Felines, MI, USA
  • Brown County Humane Society, IN, USA
  • Furry Tales Cat Rescue, ON, CANADA
  • Second Chance for Cats, WV, USA
  • Cat Welfare Association, OH, USA
  • Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter, AZ, USA
  • Pussy Cat Pussy Cat I Love You, NM, USA
  • Feral Cat Coalition, CA, USA
  • Scritch Norcal, CA, USA
  • Safe Place for Animals, TN, USA
  • Pope memorial SPCA Concord-Merrimack County, NH, USA
  • Snyder Susan, NY, USA
  • San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition, TX, USA
  • Everett Gross, WI, USA
  • Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, NC, USA
  • Arizona Humane Society, AZ, USA
  • Lucky's Place, WY, USA
  • Pearl River SPCA, MS, USA
  • Fancy Cats, VA, USA
  • Feral Cats of Bethlehem Steel, Inc., MD, USA
  • Petey and Furrends, MD, USA
  • Stocker Kellie, FL, USA
  • Java Cats Cafe, GA, USA
  • SecondHandHounds, MN, USA
  • The Runaways Animal Rescue, FL, USA
  • Bernie Lambert, AZ, USA
  • Robyn Gledhill, MO, USA
  • Snip Neuter Intervention, NY, USA
  • We Care for Animals BHC, AZ, USA
  • Desiree Desiree, HI, USA
  • Oppenheimer Melissa, HI, USA
  • KAT CharitiesMO, USA
  • Kitten Rescue 101CA, USA
  • Paws of Hope MichiganMI, USA
  • Stevenson JuliaAZ, USA
  • Whiskers TNRIA, USA
  • Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal ControlWI USA
  • City of Columbia Animal ServicesSC, USA
  • Pet Alliance of Greater OrlandoFL, USA
  • Castaway CrittersPA, USA
  • Chance at Life Cat rescueNJ, USA
  • Empty Cages CollectiveNY, USA
  • Rescue Angels of Southern MarylandMD, USA
  • Betty ChoyAZ, USA
  • Governors Choice Animal HospitalAL, USA
  • Simply CatsID, USA
  • Animal Humane Association of Star Valley (Lucky’s Place)WY, USA
  • Floyd FelinesGA, USA
  • Steel City Adventure CatsPA, USA
  • Cat Adoption ServiceCA, USA
  • Kitsap Humane SocietyWA, USA
  • Spay Neuter Intervention Project SNIPNY, USA
  • CLAWS - Cats League & Assistance of the Western SlopeCO, USA
  • Emma VowelsWA, USA
  • Street CatsOK, USA
  • Feral to Family, NY, USA
  • Little Lion FoundationCA, USA
  • Kittens and Barbells Rescue Inc.NY, USA
  • Conquer the ColonyPA, USA
  • Chicagoland Animal Rescue NFP, IL, USA
  • Lisa Jacobson, BC, CANADA
  • Hamilton Humane Society, IN, USA
  • Lifeline for PetsCA, USA
  • Cats of San BernardinoCA, USA
  • Papa’s Cat CaféMO, USA
  • Apollo Support and RescueTX, USA
  • The Buddy FoundationIL, USA
  • RAPS Cat SanctuaryBC, USA
  • Community Cat Coalition of Clark CountyNV, USA
  • Katie BensonCO, USA
  • Elizabeth HandyMO, USA
  • 4 Walls FostersPA, USA
  • Hearthside Cats Inc.NY, USA
  • Janice Heibel-DriverTX, USA
  • Abdul and FostersUSA
  • Ferrell NicoleAZ, USA
  • Wrenn RescuesCA, USA
  • Campbell River PawsBC, CANADA
  • Vokra, BC, CANADA
  • Regina MasaroNY, USA
  • Kudzu Cat AllianceGA, USA
  • Christine DépatieQC, CANADA
  • BuserNH, USA


We offer discounts All-Year-Round for Those who Foster, do TNR, Volunteer or Work at Shelters or Animal Non-profits.

It's our way of saying thanks for all the important work you do! Learn more about this discount program and how you can claim your discount here.


Who can I vote for?

Vote for your favorite TNR organizations, individuals who foster cats or do TNR, non-profit shelters, cat cafes with adoption programs! 

Previous 1st place winners cannot win again. You can't win two years in a row.

How many times can I vote?

Only vote once! Make it count 😽 If you vote for more than one organization, the organization/individual you last voted for will get your only vote. Get your furriends & family to join along to boost votes!

How can I promote who I voted for? 

Use this graphic to share on social media & get more people to vote: 

When will the winners be announced?

We will announce the donation prize winners the day or two after voting closes - come to our virtual Forever Home Heroes Awards Ceremony on November 14th to find out who won the Travel Cat Gear prizes & for more chances to win gear!

How do I get more entries?



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