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Article: How to Make a Shelter for Stray Cats

How to Make a Shelter for Stray Cats

As we approach winter, it's worth taking some time to make a temporary cat shelter or two for the stray kitties who might be without a home in your neighborhood. It only takes a few items, 30 min or less to make, and provides a warm place for cats to shake off the cold and curl up for a safe snooze. 

How to make your own stray cat shelter in 5 easy steps:

1: Start with a plastic bin or styrofoam cooler (using styrofoam will insulate better & keep more warmth inside.)

2: Cut out a square in the bottom half to make a door. 

3: Fill the inside with straw (not hay) for insulation. 

4: Spread out the straw & make sure it's packed in well. 

5: Put the top back on! 

Optional - cut another small opening in the back, in case an unwanted animal tries to sneak in.



Keep the outside kitties warm this winter! ❄️🧣 #travelcat #catdiy

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