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Article: The 7 Best Cat Backpacks for 2024 - Review and Guide

The 7 Best Cat Backpacks for 2024 - Review and Guide

The Best 7 Cat Backpacks for 2024

Have you been wanting a cat backpack but don't know where to start? You've come to the right place. Here's how to choose the best cat backpack carrier for you and your fur baby, whatever your adventure looks like! We reviewed our top backpacks of the year, and broke them down into 7 categories to make it easy for you to pick your purrfect match. 

Already found your perfect cat backpack? Paw-some! Check out these must-have accessories & supplies for any Travel Cat. 

Best Stylish Cat Backpack: Argylle x Travel Cat Replica Cat Backpack

If Argylle gave you cat backpack envy, we have good news: the hottest cat backpack of the year might just be the officially licensed Argylle x Travel Cat Replica Cat Backpack. Now your kitty can channel their inner Alfie and feel like a movie star wherever they go. While this one holds up to 15 lbs, the Argylle x Travel Cat "Spy" Cat Backpack is also super cute and designed for larger kitties (up to 25 lbs).

Best Cat Backpack for Large Cats: "The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack

This cat carrier backpack is our best-seller for a reason. Holding up to 25 lbs. of cat, it carries the most weight on the market! Made of durable fabric with air holes & strong mesh panels, it provides proper ventilation to make sure your kitty is comfortable. It has both a screen attachment & bubble window, so your kitty can poke their head out and see the world with ease whenever their little heart desires!

This cat bubble backpack is comfortable for humans too - it has adjustable shoulder & chest straps to ensure a snug & safe fit. All of our backpacks have a leash clip to keep your kitty securely by your side.  Adventure with your cat hands-free and give them the enrichment that they need & love.

Best Cat Backpack for Smaller Cats: "The Fat Cat" Mini

Fat Cat Mini

For the mini adventurer with a big spirit.

Are you a new cat parent who doesn't want to leave their kitten at home alone? Maybe you're hoping to train your kitty to love the outdoors from a young age? Or do you need something more compact for every-day errands or trips to the vet? This is the backpack for you. 

This mini cat backpack is the little sister of our catstomer-favorite, "The Fat Cat" Backpack Carrier. Designed for smaller felines up to 15 lbs, it has all of the best features of "The Fat Cat", just miniature sized! It makes the coziest & safest space for your little furriend to call home while out & about with you. It also comes in a fun purple color, and an attachable bubble window! 


Best Cat Bubble Backpack: "Stray x Travel Cat" Backpack Limited Edition 

 Stray Cat Backpack

Made in collaboration with the Stray video game, this cat bubble backpack is similar to our best-selling "The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack, with a fun pop of color. This colorful, breathable cat backpack is exactly the carrier your travel cat needs to explore the world, bringing the on screen adventures from the video game to life! 

It comes with adjustable straps, strong mesh panels and ventilation holes for breathability, two side pockets, a transparent bubble for them to look through, and a plush mat that is easy to remove & clean. 

Best Cat Travel Backpack: "The Jackson Galaxy" Convertible Cat Backpack Carrier 

Designed in collaboration with Animal Planet star and best-selling author, Jackson Galaxy, The Jackson Galaxy Convertible Cat Backpack Carrier is the best cat bubble backpack for travel with your feline friends. The product can be used as a backpack or as a traditional carrier with a detachable shoulder strap, and the removable comfortable mat fits when used either way. This makes it a great option for air travel as well!

This backpack has mesh sides & ventilation holes for optimal breathability, a bubble window so your kitty can see their surroundings, and has padded straps on the shoulders to keep every cat parent comfy too.

Best Cat Hiking Backpack: "The Navigator" Earth Convertible Cat Backpack for Adventurous Cats & Humans

“The Navigator” Earth Convertible Cat Backpack Carrier is the best cat backpack for hiking, outdoor lovers, and adventurers. It’s also great for basic travel needs like trips to the vet and car rides and gives your cat plenty of visibility to watch the world go by through the mesh windows, which also provide optimal air circulation.

This backpack holds up to 25 lbs, and has adjustable waist straps, chest strap, & padded shoulder straps to help distribute weight & keep every hooman cozy too. It can be used as a backpack or traditional carrier and the entire bag folds up to store easily. All of our backpacks come with safety straps you can attach your kitty's leash & harness to, to keep any super curious kitties close by, worry-free!

If you like this backpack but want something a little sleeker, check out “The Navigator” Convertible Cat Backpack, which is essentially the same but in monochromatic gray.


What to look for in a cat hiking backpack:



Cat parents who hike are beating the odds and breaking the notion that cats don't like to go outside. This activity is becoming more & more popular to do with your cat, since so much happiness & life enrichment comes from being outside, for both you & your fur baby! Watching your cat explore their wild side & get more comfortable in their surroundings is such a rewarding experience, and you want the best gear possible to make sure those adventures keep happening. 

While many cats love taking to the trails on their leash & harness, odds are they are not going to want to walk the whole time (or even the majority of it, let's be honest). You're going to want a cat backpack that is not only comfortable for your cat, but also you! Since you'll be doing all the work, naturally. 

1. Adjustable Straps

To ensure the best fit, you want a cat backpack that has adjustable chest & shoulder straps, with a waist strap as well. this will help distribute your cat's weight evenly, allowing you to hike longer & further, more comfortably. 

2. Plenty of Ventilation

Since you'll be spending more time outside with this backpack, you want to make sure that there is ample air flow. Check to make sure there are multiple ways to for the backpack to ventilate, whether it's through mesh panels, air holes along the bottom, and ventilation holes in the bubble window if it has one.  All of our backpacks have plenty of ventilation to make sure your kitty rides happily. Always be aware of the temperature, and if it's too hot for your cat to be comfortable, stick to doing some adventures indoors instead.

3. Safety Strap

Making sure your kitty stays close by is important, especially if you're exploring a new hiking trail. All of our backpacks come with safety straps that you can attach their leash & harness to, so if they do jump out of the backpack, they won't be going very far. 

4. Plenty of Space

Your cat isn't going to want to spend an hour long hike cramped up at the bottom of a bag with little support and no space. Give your kitty enough room to comfortably get up & turn around in the bag, and also lay down to rest if they want to. Make sure your backpack is sturdy & can carry the weight of your kitty comfortably without sagging too much. Our backpacks can hold kitties of all different sizes, with some models holding up to 25lbs!

Best Cat Backpack for Flying: The Transpurrter Ultimate Calming Convertible Cat Carrier

Make your air travel a breeze with this convertible cat carrier that has it ALL. 

The Transpurrter can be comfortably carried five ways - with the handle on top, as a backpack, with a long shoulder strap on the side or cross-body, or on top of a your carry-on luggage with the built in safety strap to keep it snug & in place while you're breezing through the airport. Stash your ID & other documents with our multi-pocket zipper pouch, for easy access when you're on the go. Along with a treat or two for kitty of course. 

With multiple entry ways through the top, both sides, and a slide out mat insert, this is the most versatile carrier for getting your kitty in or out, and quickly getting to your cat in a stressful situation. The slide out insert is also seamless, so you can easily wipe clean & throw the fleece mat (removing the plastic insert) in the wash if an accident happens. 

While you should always double check with whatever airline you're using, all of our bags have been generally airline approved! Learn more about that here. Cat backpacks are a great option for safely flying with your kitty and helping them feel at home when they're sky high. 

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Cat Backpack 

Size & Shape 

You need a cat backpack that will suit your kitty's size & weight appropriately. They should have enough room to snuggle up and lay down, or sit comfortably to peer at their surroundings. Make sure that whichever cat backpack you end up with is able to hold their weight (or if you have two kitties who want to share, their combined weight). We have backpacks designed for many different sizes, with our largest weight capacity at 25lbs! 


Make sure that your cat backpack is made of high-quality and durable fabric. It needs to be strong enough so your cat can't scratch through it, but also soft enough that they are cozy! All of our backpacks are made from super strong and comfortable materials. 

Security & Safety

This is a super important factor. We take your cat's safety very seriously, here! When cat backpack shopping, it's important to check that the material is sturdy, the zippers and straps are secure, and that there is a leash clip for your cat's harness leash to clip onto. Also, keep common sense in mind and do not use your backpack in extreme weather conditions as your kitty might not handle extreme hot or cold! 

Bubble Window

Many of our backpacks come with screen & bubble attachments, depending on what mood your kitty is in! Cats love using the space bubble to peer out and get a better view of their surroundings. Check out our cat backpacks with bubbles here! 


Material matters. You want the highest-quality and strongest material for your cat's safety and comfort. All of our cat backpacks have sturdy material that keeps its shape well, with ultra-durable mesh paneling so your kitty can see & breathe with ease. 

Ventilation / Air Flow

We wouldn't give you something your cat couldn't breathe in. Seriously. Make sure your cat backpack has plenty of air holes & strong mesh for optimal air flow. You do not want your cat to be too hot or not have enough ventilation for healthy breathing. You want their outdoor experiences to be worry-free and comfortable for them! 

Ease of Use

Look for a cat backpack carrier that is easy to use and transport. You don't want too many straps/accessories that will end up bogging you down and giving you too much to carry! Our backpacks provide an easy, convenient, and hands-free adventure experience for you and your kitty. 


When choosing your perfect cat backpack carrier, keep not only your kitties comfort in mind, but yours as well! You want something that will fit securely and be easy to carry - especially if you plan on taking long hikes/walks together. Find a backpack with adjustable straps, a comfortable structure, and pockets for your personal belongings (and cat treats of course). 

The Fat Cat Backpack

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who should buy a cat backpack? 

Our answer of course is, anyone with a cat! Cats need stimulation and a change of scenery every now and then. Even just going to the vet can be an adventure if you've got the right gear! Whether you want to take your cat backpacking on all of your grand adventures, take a little walk down to your favorite cafe to get some fresh air, or spend a day out and about running errands, your cat loves the quality time and is just happy to be along for the ride. 

Are cat backpacks cruel? No way!

Our cat backpacks are designed with kitty's comfort in mind with lots of airflow, sturdy material, leash clips, and lots of space to get cozy. They are a safe & fun way to enhance your cat's experience of the great outdoors! 

How much weight can a cat backpack hold? 

Cat backpacks come with varying weight limits - we recommend finding out how much your cat weighs and finding a backpack with a weight limit higher than that. Three of our backpacks hold up to 25 lbs. - the most weight of any cat backpack on the market! 

Can I put my cat in any backpack? 

Not recommended. Your crusty backpack from high school just isn't going to cut it. Kitties need support and structure in order to feel safe & secure on your back while you're moving around and need plenty of airflow! Regular backpacks aren't built to pamper your kitties like ours are.  

How do I get my cat used to their cat backpack? 

Our #1 tip is patience. Not all kitties will take to their backpack right away - and that's okay! Try putting treats inside & leaving it on the floor in plain sight before taking them outside. They'll be hopping in and out soon enough! Check out this pawesome video for more tips.  


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