24 Photos That Prove Being a Cat Dad is the Cutest Job Ever, Just In Time for Father’s Day

We all know that cats are the cutest, it's just plain obvious. Add a super responsible and fun cat dad to the equation, and well, you've got yourself something even more irresistible (if that was even pawsible). 

These cat dads have got it all figured out. They know their little kitties need lots of love and attention, a stimulating environment, and time to explore the great outdoors!

What better way to give their fur babies what they need than to take them along on all of their adventures. Our cat backpacks, harnesses and leashes make all the father-kitty quality time that much better.

Check out the photos below, but beware... Your heart might just explode from all the cuteness! 


1. Nature walks with dad:

2. All kinds of parenting requires a morning cup of joe: 


3. Nothing beats daddy and kitty snuggles: 


4. This dad teaching his fur baby all the important things in life: 


5. Just look at that smolder: 


6. Nothing says "happy father's day" like an old fashioned hike in a fat cat backpack!! 


7. This guy on double-cat-duty:


8. The best of buds:


9. Daddy's little sous-chef:


10. This looks like double trouble:

10. Taking the city by storm: 


11. This cat dad passing down his favorite hobby:


12. Documenting all the good times:


13. Reflecting on the deeper things in life together:


14. Even going to the vet can be a cat-dadventure!


15. Braving the waters with dad:


16. Getting in some quality dad and bro chats:


17. I mean... Who wouldn't wanna get in on this cuddle sesh?


18. @sokithecat snuggling up in their travel cat harness:


19. One dedicated cat dad:


20. Leo and his daddy looking picture purrfect:


21. This shirt says it all!


22. Too cute to handle:


23. Bonding over bike rides:  


24. And finally, the cat dad we are all looking up to this father's day, with his Jackson Galaxy Backpack:


Give the pawesome cat dads in your life a shout out this father's day! Or better yet, treat them to one of our backpacks and harnesses that make all the cat-dadventures and responsibilities a breeze! 



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