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Human name

Amida Kuah

Cat name




Philadelphia, PA, USA


Where can we find you or your furbaby on Instagram?



Tell us how you met your fur baby!

I was looking for cats to adopt; when I met Alpine he wrapped his arms around my neck and gave me a hug. There was no turning back – after that, I knew we would be best friends.


What style is #yourcatbackpack?

"The Original" cat backpack


What was your biggest reason for getting your cat backpack?

Alpine loved hiking in the forest, but his little legs got tired after a mile or two. The backpack allowed him to explore the world without tiring him out.

What’s your biggest tip for getting your cat used to your cat backpack?

I left the backpack out with his toys when we first got it, so he could play in it before we went out on any adventures.


What’s your cats preferred method of travel in your cat backpack? Bubble? Screen? Top open?

Bubble when we are in the city, and top open if we are in nature.


Tips for hiking, biking, and general outdoor adventures with your cat?

Be patient. Don't ever force your cat to do something he doesn't want to do. Slowly show them that the world has so much to offer and let their innate curiosity take over.


What are your tips for your kitty feeling comfortable during airplane rides?

The window seat. Cats love looking out the window, even at 10,000 feet up in the sky.


Tell us about your favorite odd but endearing behavior you see from your cat!

Alpine will sit in his backpack at home when he wants to tell me he wishes to go on an adventure. He has fallen asleep in his backpack waiting for me to take him out.


Many of our catstomers want to leash train their cats. Tell us about your experience with that. What worked best? If you gave up, that’s ok, too. What was your deciding factor?

Start slowly. Work on harness training, the indoor leash training, then outdoors. Be patient, love them regardless of their performance.


What's your favorite part of #yourcatbackpack?

Being able to share experiences with my best friend that we wouldn't otherwise been able to without the backpack, such a riding your bike or going on tough hikes.



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