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Article: Binx and Norman: Your Cat Backpack Featured Feline

Binx and Norman: Your Cat Backpack Featured Feline

We're excited to feature the stories, tips, and love from our very own catstomers. Shop our cat backpacks here.

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Human name

Deana Dimaggio


Cat names

Binx and Norman



Seattle, Washington and Bozeman, Montana


Where can we find you or your furbaby on Instagram?



Tell us how you met your fur babies!

 I rescued them when they were only 4 weeks old!


What style is #yourcatbackpack?

"The Fat Cat" cat backpack


What was your biggest reason for getting your cat backpack?

I am an avid adventurer so I knew from the beginning that the boys needed to come with. I started taking them on adventures at 5 weeks old. It was easy in the beginning when they only weight 2lbs each. After weeks on research, I landed on the fat cat pack because it was big enough to fit both boys. They loved it from the get-go! We traveled all over in that pack and I couldn’t be happier.


What’s your biggest tip for getting your cat used to your cat backpack?

Thankfully my cats were stocked right when we got it! I left it out for a few days and let them play in it. That’s all it took! They were hooked.


What’s your cats preferred method of travel in your cat backpack? Bubble? Screen? Top open?

Binx is a trail blazer! He’s always on the trail leading that way. Norman on the other hand loves to ride. I’ll keep the top screen opened and he practically hangs off the side taking in the view.


What’s been your favorite outdoor experience with your cat?

Camping with cats! I don’t think I’ll be able to camp without them. It was a blast!


Tips for hiking, biking, and general outdoor adventures with your cat?

Really socialize your cat from an early age. Get them used to travel. Also, a travel buddy helps!


What are your tips to get your kitty feeling comfortable during car rides?

Having a nice comfortable area, their favorite bed or backpack! Feliway is also a great product for feline travel.


Tell us about your favorite odd but endearing behavior you see from your cats!

My cats are from the same litter. They are attached at the hip. When I have them in their adventures harness one of them will take the leash and walk the other! It’s hilarious.


Many of our catstomers want to leash train their cats. Tell us about your experience with that. What worked best? If you gave up, that’s ok, too. What was your deciding factor?

I stared putting them in harnesses at a young age. Also kitty sweaters haha! To get them used to the feeling of wearing something.


What's your favorite part of #yourcatbackpack?

Watching others faces when they see two cats in a backpack! Then sharing the boys and their story. They’re pretty amazing cats!




We love our catstomers! Shop our cat backpacks here and email us at to get featured. 


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