Ozzy and Kipling: Your Cat Backpack Featured Feline

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Human name

Linda Newcombe


Cat names

Ozzy and Kipling



Vancouver, BC, Canada


Where can we find you or your furbaby on Instagram?

Ozzy and Kip. fotogirl63


Tell us how you met your fur babies!

We got them from Sylverkat in Chilliwack BC


What style is #yourcatbackpack?

"The Fat Cat" cat backpack


What was your biggest reason for getting your cat backpack?

I love going for walks and wanted to share that with my cats.


What’s your biggest tip for getting your cat used to your cat backpack?

Leaving it accessible. They have no fear of it, I’ll sometimes find one of them sleeping in it.


What’s your cats preferred method of travel in your cat backpack? Bubble? Screen? Top open?

I’ve only used the bubble, I’ll have the screen open sometimes. They’re just 6 months old so we’ve got some learning to do.


What’s been your favorite outdoor experience with your cat?

Probably taking them out on our boat!


Tips for hiking, biking, and general outdoor adventures with your cat?

Go slow, don’t rush them as it’ll just make things harder.


What are your tips to get your kitty feeling comfortable during car rides?

We drove from Vancouver to California with them when they were 3 1/2 months old. We first had one in the pack and the other in the hard carrier. They were not happy until they were together! We had some good walks on the beach and got a lot of attention.


Tell us about your favorite odd but endearing behavior you see from your cat(s)!

They’ve just hit 6 months, so far it’s all odd but endearing!


Many of our catstomers want to leash train their cats. Tell us about your experience with that. What worked best? If you gave up, that’s ok, too. What was your deciding factor?

Just be very patient, go slow, let them show you.


What do you wish people without cats knew about the joys of owning a cat?

Unconditional love, it’s just the best!

What's your favorite part of #yourcatbackpack?

It’s the simple things. I take them to the bank, it’s such a hit. Or seeing small children and putting the pack down and letting them check out Ozzy and Kip.  


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