“Scaredy-Cat” Who? Cat-Guardians and Their Feline Friends Tackle Common Cat Misconceptions

We're excited to announce that at Pop Cats 2019 in Portland, Oregon, we'll be hosting a panel titled "Travel Cats: Exploring Beyond the Great Indoors."

With insta-famous cat-guardians, we're going to prove that human-cat bonding can be more than an indoor-adventure, and you can explore Pike Place Market in Seattle, hike mountains in Oregon, or quit your day-job to road trip the country, all with your felines along for the ride — just a few of the actual adventures had by the panelists.

“Before cats became domesticated they were adventure cats, so being outside is really connecting them back to their roots (if they are comfortable). I think that each owner knows their cat more than anyone else,” says cat-parent and panelist Kirah Doerr (@dzantithedaring).

@dzantithedaring on Instagram

Panelists include Doerr, Sarah Sherrell (@birch.and.luna), and Anneka Rains and Ryanne Cando with their cat Moose (@moosetheadventurecat).

These adventurous cat-parents and their kitties want everyone to know that cats can be just as daring and bold as any other furry friend, and no one should be afraid to give their cat a little leash (pun intended). 

According to Sherrell (@birch.and.luna), “these fur babies still have their wonderful wild instincts and they are wired to hunt and sprint and play! They need space to use those instincts—it helps them stay regulated... In our experience, time, consistency, patience, positive associations in the training process, and…some more time…will help you find a rhythm of adventure that fits for you and your kitties!”

@birch.and.luna on Instagram

At “Exploring Beyond the Great Indoors,” you’ll get more advice, tips and tricks, and anecdotes on all the cat-ventures these humans and their fur-babies have taken together. What better way to know if your cat’s ready to step outside than hearing it from the experts?

“We’re excited to bring together these cat-humans who have all traveled with their cats in diverse ways to share their experiences and advice so audience members can learn how to deepen their bond with their cats in unique ways,” says Emily Miethner, panel moderator and our Co-Founder.

@moosetheadventurecat on Instagram

One thing's for sure: there will be no scaredy-cats here. 

You can meet these cat-fluencers and their guardians at our panel on Saturday, September 28th at 4:15pm. Entrance to the panel is included in general admission tickets, which can be purchased at popcats.org.

We will also have a booth at Pop Cats featuring our Instagram-famous “Fat Cat Backpack” and “Jackson Galaxy Convertible Cat Backpack Carrier,” among other travel cat products. 



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