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Article: Rosie: Your Cat Backpack Featured Feline

Rosie: Your Cat Backpack Featured Feline

We're excited to feature the stories, tips, and love from our very own catstomers. Shop our cat backpacks here.

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Human name

Sandra Wittwer

Cat Name



Henderson, Nevada, United States 

How did you meet Rosie?

She was a gift to me about 4 years ago. She was very young, about 4-5 weeks old. I got her and just cried. She was so sweet and little.

What was your biggest reason for getting your cat backpack?

I got this backpack because I wanted something to make Rosie more portable. She loves to be outside, and she is leash-trained, but she doesn't really like to walk far on the leash. I figured the backpack would be a good thing for her, and it has been!

How did you acclimate Rosie to your cat backpack?

It took Rosie about a week to fully get used to the backpack. We had to operate in baby steps. The first day I let her take her time approaching the bag and sniffing it. Once she approved, we only got about 30 minutes of her being in it before she was done. Each day we stayed out a little longer and tried different things to help her adjust. Learn your cat's pace and be patient with them.

What’s Rosie's preferred method of travel in your cat backpack? Bubble? Screen? Top open?

Rosie loves pressing her little face into the bubble. Her favorite is probably hanging out of the top though, especially when we're walking in the park.

What are your tips to get your kitty feeling comfortable during car rides?

Try to keep their atmosphere comfortable, especially if you live in a noisy city as we do. I keep the music low or off, the temperature nice and cool for her. Rosie doesn't mind cars at all, especially with the backpack now. I started taking her on drives when she was young, so she got used to it fast.

What's your favorite of Rosie's odd (but endearing) behaviors?

Rosie is super picky with wet food. She'll only eat these Fancy Feast broth pouches, and even then she just likes the broth. Every single time she is finished eating OR if she decides she doesn't like the flavor, she "buries" the food. She stands over it and makes a motion with her paw like she's burying it in the ground. We have no idea why she does it.

What do you wish people without cats knew about the joys of owning a cat?

Cats really are amazing. If you can handle their moodiness and quirks, they are great companions. If you are lucky enough to bond emotionally with one, it will be one of the strongest bonds of your life. 

What's your favorite part of #yourcatbackpack?

I love how fun taking Rosie outside has become. She knows that the backpack means she gets to go outside, and it makes her very happy. It's fun showing it off and answering the random questions we get from people passing by. They think it's so cool to look inside the bubble and see a cat! 

You can find Sandra and Rosie on Instagram @sandruhhkay, and follow us @yourcatbackpack.

We love our catstomers! Shop our cat backpacks here and email us at to get featured. 


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