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Article: How to Keep Cat Travel Tidy

How to Keep Cat Travel Tidy

We've all been there. You're bringing your cat in the car, on a plane, staying overnight at a hotel, and food cans are half-used stinking up the place, the litter box has spilled, and water bowls are turned over.

Who's got time for that? 

It's inevitable, taking your kitty out of the house comes with a little extra mess. But we've come up with a few solutions to keep things as clean as pawsible while you're busy adventuring with your cat so you can focus less on the mess, and more on quality time together. 

Here are some of our top tips and products for more tidy cat travel: 

1. Bring necessary grooming tools to keep your kitty feline fresh. 

Keep the hairballs to a minimum and make sure to pack your cat's brush, along with any other medications/tools that are part of your kitty's daily routine. 

2. Use "The Nice & Tidy" Food Mat for Clean Mealtimes

No mess, no stress.

With this stylish and completely dishwasher safe feeding mat, mealtime will never be a hassle again. 

"The Nice & Tidy" Cat Feeding Mat is purrfect for clean and convenient mealtime, wherever adventure takes you! Roll it up to bring on the go, or keep under your cat's food and water bowls at home for quick and easy clean-up every time. 

3. Bring "The Purrservers" Cat Food Can Covers to keep spills to a minimum. 

Every meal matters, and when you’re on the go, the last thing you want to worry about is running out of food, having food go to waste, or having it spill through the plastic bag you threw into your backpack last minute.

Use these handy silicone food can covers - they fit all standard can sizes! Spill-proof, easily washable, and dishwasher safe, these reusable can covers will last unlimited adventures.


4. Say goodbye to smelly, messy portable litter boxes with "The Porta Pawty" Travel Litter Box

This travel litter box is a must-have item for any cat guardian who might need to travel with their cat. Our innovative and convenient portable litter box makes it easy to take trips and travel with your kitty without worrying about where your cat can go to the bathroom. This environmentally-friendly choice is perfect for car trips, visiting family and friends, for emergency go-bags, outdoor adventures, and more.

Designed with feature requests from our catstomers, this collapsible litter box is best-in-class. 


5. Prepare for some mess - it's inevitable! 

While kitties are generally good at keeping themselves clean, accidents happen and it's best to be prepared. Keep a stash of paper towels, cleaning spray, and other portable cleaning items to ensure easy breezy clean up wherever your adventure takes you! 


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