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Article: The Ultimate Checklist of What to Pack When Traveling with Your Cat

The Ultimate Checklist of What to Pack When Traveling with Your Cat

Traveling with your fur baby not only makes life more convenient, but it makes the adventure twice as fun. Of course, there are some necessities that you just shouldn’t leave the house without, to make sure your cat has all the comforts of home - wherever you go! We know you only want the best for your kitty at home and on the go, so here’s a little list to make the prep and packing that much simpler.

While you’re at it, download our free, easily-printable travel list so you can really check things off!  

1) Cat Backpack Carrier 

Wherever your travel takes you, having a cat backpack carrier makes things so much simpler. Not only do you have two free hands for luggage, coffee, or whatever you pick up along the way, but your cat feels safe and secure in their own space. Check out some of our favorite cat backpacks, like our best-seller "The Fat Cat" Backpack, and our newest backpack, "The Fat Cat" Mini Cat Backpack.

Don't know which backpack is just right for you and your furriend? Take the #TravelCat Style Quiz to find the purrfect fit.



2) Food

… obviously. But for real, traveling is not the time to switch up your cat's eating routine. Bring extra food just in case & keep your cat's wet food fresh with our reusable food can covers

3) Food and Water Bowls 

This is one that is easy to forget! Especially if you’re road-tripping, food and water bowls are a necessity. How else is your fur baby supposed to get the hydration and energy they need? Check out our collapsible food/water dish.

4) Mats or cardboard for under food and water bowls

Be the purrfect guest, and bring along a mat/piece of cardboard to keep those messes off the floor of whoever’s house you’re visiting. If your cat-venture is taking you to the great outdoors, this one isn’t a true necessity. Or, invest in "The Travel Buddy" Foldable All-In-One Double Bowl & Mat.

5) Harness & leash

This dynamic duo has proven to be a favorite among our cat parent furriends. Having a "True Adventurer" Harness & Leash Set and "The Captain" Retractable Leash gives your cat a little more freedom and space to explore, while keeping them within close reach (all of our leashes clip into any of our backpacks for extra safety!) Whether you’re going on a hike or just a walk around town, this travel necessity will prove to be your best friend.


6) Catnip / treats

Treat your cat. Having their favorite snacks on hand will make traveling transitions a little more doable for the both of you! Use treats to reward them after getting in the car, for potty breaks in between, and once the trip is over. Carry your treats hands-free with our clip on silicone treat pouch

7) Litter box

When your cat’s gotta go, they gotta go. And no host wants their guest room having a scent of its own! Bringing your cat's litter box is not only super polite, but also way more convenient and comfy for your kitty to adjust to their surroundings. Our “Porta Pawty" is portable and easy to clean. It zips shut to keep the smell out, and contains the litter so you don't need to change it between each car ride - it's purrfect for long drives, too! You won’t want to leave the house without it.

*A little travel-cat hack, bring a second box (cardboard works great!)  big enough to put the litter box inside to avoid tracking and litter mess.


8) Litter

Not to state the obvious, but no cat is going to go without their litter. Traveling is not the time to try out something new in this department, so pack whatever litter they're used to having in their box. 


9) Scooper

This tool is one of the most important to remember! And thankfully, our "Porta Pawty" litter box comes with a pouch for your scooper and extra litter, so it is easy to keep all the essentials together and ready to go. 


10) Toys  

What does your cat love to play with? Do they have a favorite toy or teaser? Bring along those items that will make your cats adventure that much more fun for them! 


11) Cat bed / scent soaker 

In order for your kitty to be the most comfy, they need a place to call their own wherever your adventure takes you. This is why bringing a cat bed or something else to hold their scent is paramount, so that amidst all the travel and adventure they have somewhere familiar to them! Our new portable cat bed, “The Meowbile Home”, is paw-some for traveling and will give your kitty the privacy they need. 

We also have "The Accordion" Travel Cardboard Bed & Scratcher - it folds up super small, and has the double duty of being a bed and a scratcher.

12) Calming Aids 

If your cat gets easily spooked, or takes a while to adjust to their surroundings, bringing something that helps sooth them is a good plan of action. To help bring your cat's body back into balance, we recommend using an aid like Jackson Galaxy's holistic "Stress Stopper" Solution.

13) Scratcher

No one likes ripped up leather car seats or shredded hotel sheets… and your cat needs to sharpen those claws. Don’t forget to bring something durable that they can use to scratch on! 


14) Medication/Supplements

Does your kitty require any extra care? Be sure to remember any medications they are prescribed to, or any supplements that they are on to keep everything on track!


15) Collar with ID tag

Even if your cat doesn't normally wear a collar, it's a great idea to make sure during travels your kitties wear a collar with an ID tag featuring your address, phone number, or email. If your cat is traveling with you, consider one of our Travel Cat collars - in multiple colors.


16) Medical records

If you're traveling on public transit like trains or airplanes, be sure to have your cat's medical information like vaccination history. It's not always required, but is good to have just in case.


17) Whatever else makes your cat feel at home 😽


Wherever adventure takes you, bring along these items to make travel that much comfortable for both you and your cat.

Do you have any other travel necessities that we didn’t mention here? Shoot us an email with your favorite travel hacks/tips.

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Fortunately for me and my fur baby I am what makes her feel at home! I’ve kept my old unwashed sweater in her (fat) cat backpack and it made her love it more! She chose me the day we met and so long as I’m there with her she is comfortable nearly everywhere! We really ought to post to insta more 🤪


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