How to Get Your Cat Used to and Into Its Harness and Leash So You Can Walk Your Cat

Walking your cat on a leash and harness is a great way to let your cat explore beyond the great indoors. Cats need exercise, play, and stimulation, and safely taking them for walks is a great way to do just that.

Enter "The True Adventurer" Harness and Leash Set.

We're so proud of this harness of ours -- not just because of the super cute design and colors, but because of how easy it is to get on, while also being extremely difficult to get out of (as long as you have the correct size).

Below is a video that shows how to get your cat into their harness.

Remember, always start with a kiss!


Looking to purchase our harness & leash set? Check out our guide for how to measure your cat for "The True Adventurer" Harness & Leash Set.

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