15 Cats Who Are Getting More Exercise Than You During Quarantine

As if exercising wasn’t difficult enough, enter quarantine. Gyms are closed, snack supply is high, and there’s nowhere to go. 

Making sure your cat plays and gets exercise isn't just cute, it's a must for any cat to keep them happy and healthy. Leave it to our furry friends to show us up in these cute Your Cat Backpacks and Travel Cat harnesses and leashes, making the exploring options endless! 

Maybe you’ll even find some workout inspo below. 

1. This friend who takes his daily hikes very seriously: 

2. Our Jackson Galaxy backpack makes the purrfect workout gear! Extra props to this cat parent for the COVID-19 mask! 


3. @purrfectintexas getting a solid backyard session in:


4. This little guy guarding his hooman from danger 😍:


5. Just the cutest workout partners we’ve ever seen:


6. Evie the adventurer getting in touch with nature to banish the pandemic blues: 


7. These best buds blazing new trails together:


8. This feline getting in a grueling water aerobics session: 


9. @sokithecat pulling out the punches in their harness: 


10. This furry friend taking a quick breather in their Jackson Galaxy Backpack: 

11.  This yogi kitty showing us how to do a true cobra pose: 


12. Rainy weather can't stop Tucker from getting outside: 

13. When there isn’t a stairmaster in sight: 


14. Every workout needs a little incentive: 


15. This adventurous kitty and his balancing skills:



But really, isn’t this how we all feel about working out right now?

(For this kitty, we recommend some patience and checking out our harness training tips which you can find here!)


In all seriousness, our backpacks, harnesses, and leashes are a great way to get some quality outside time with your kitty so you can both soak up that vitamin D, especially now!  Embrace the wild side together and give your cat the stimulation and adventure they love! 



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